Drinking water is the most important thing for your cat, as without water, their systems can’t operate properly. Cats can become dehydrated more easily than dogs, and they also can be more sensitive to the water they drink. Urinary tract infections – UTIs in cats – is a serious and relatively common concern that can lead to further issues such as blockages and more. Kidney issues can also arise from dehydration, and hard water can also be the culprit.

Here are our quick tips to keep your cat hydrated year-round

  1. Always provide plenty of fresh, clean water in an easy to access location for your cat, all year round as cats need to drink in both warm and cool weather to stay healthy.
  2. Stainless steel is healthier for sensitive cats to drink from, as it’s more resistant to bacteria than plastic or ceramic bowls.
  3. Fountains are a great way to get your cat to drink more water as many cats prefer to drink running rather than stagnant water. We love the Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain for one or two cat homes, and the Drinkwell 360 1-gallon Fountain for multiple pet households, both in stainless steel.
  4. Hard water can cause issues in cats, and make them even more likely to develop veterinary issues. Our tips above can help reduce these instances if you have hard water, and having pet insurance such as Trupanion, can help in case your pet develops a UTI or other drinking water related issues.
  5. Older cats are at a higher risk, so if you’re ever concerned that your cat is becoming dehydrated, call your veterinarian immediately!

You can read more about the how hard water can impact your pet’s health in this study about the link between pet health and drinking water, and always remember how important it is to keep your cat hydrated! And of course, make sure that in addition to fresh water, your cat is getting the right amount of quality food as well, as weight issues can also contribute to heath risks. Stay tuned, and we’ll have more information for you on keeping your cat exercised soon!

keep your cat hydrated with a stainless steel water fountain