It’s tick season again, and as the mercury rises, so do these little buggers, creating all kinds of issues for ourselves and our pets. Dogs are especially susceptible to Lyme disease, and it’s important to provide them with the best coverage you can.

In Northern New Jersey, Lyme disease is considered to be at endemic levels, which is why vaccination is recommended for dogs. And now there’s a new vaccine available from Zoetis, called Vanguard crLyme. What makes this vaccine different is that it helps provide a broad spectrum coverage against the infective agent carried by the tick, and includes antigens from multiple types of of the specific outer surface protein C that is found in both the tick and dog. In short, this means that your dog gets more coverage with one vaccination than ever before.

The interesting part of this vaccine is that it contains antibodies that can kill B. burgdorferi, the infective agent that causes Lyme disease, in both ticks and dogs!

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Why Vaccinate? Because It’s Tick Season.

With over 200 thousand positive canine cases in 2015, and the disease on the rise, vaccination is the best option for protection for your dog. It’s tick season, and the Vanguard crLyme vaccine should become a part of your dog’s annual checkup. Revaccination every spring means the highest chance of protection heading into tick season, and will help protect your pet all year long.

Understanding the Tick Life Cycle

Ticks rely on host animals and they transmit the disease when they attach to their host. Based on their life cycle, you can get a better understanding of why it’s so important to keep your dog vaccinated, and help to break the life cycle of the tick. With Lyme disease spreading across the country at an alarming rate, it’s a much larger issue than just keeping your dog safe – together we can help slow down the spread of this horrible disease.

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Have questions? Want to learn more about the Vanguard crLyme vaccine? Ready to schedule your appointment? Contact us today and we’re here to help protect you and your dog in tick season.