Halloween is a great time for the kids and pets alike. Who doesn’t love a dog dressed up as a shark or cat dressed up as a taco? For pet owners who have nervous or anxious pets, you may not look forward to Halloween as much. The constant knocking on the door or ringing the door bell is enough to send some pets into a panic. Follow Halloween safety tips for pets can mean the difference between a fun holiday and a stressful one. Here are 10 safety tips that you can follow to keep your pet safe this Halloween.

10 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

  1. Keep the candy out of reach leading up to, during, and after Halloween. Pets are great at finding things hidden away under beds or placed on top of a counter. Don’t discount their noses ability to lead them right to where you think you’ve safely hidden away the candy! Make sure that it is fully out of reach of your pets to avoid any chocolate or gum, or other toxic candy ingestion.
  2. Take your pet for a long walk or have a long play session prior to the trick-or-treaters. This will help calm their nervous energy and can help create a tired pet who may just find their favorite spot on the couch to snooze instead of jumping at every sound.
  3. If you put your pet in a costume, be sure it fits well so they don’t get tangled up. Also be sure that they cannot chew on any parts of the costume and choke on it.
  4. If you love to decorate your house with lights and other fun Halloween decorations, be sure that your pet can’t chew on any electrical cords or small decorations. You can cover cords with tape or pin them out of reach. Other decorations can easily be hung at high enough levels that your pet cannot reach them to chew on them.
  5. Consider keeping your pet in a separate room from the one that has the main door that trick-or-treaters will be using. Not only can this help calm more nervous pets, but it can help ensure that your pet doesn’t get loose while you are handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. If you don’t have another room available, keep your pet on a leash so they can’t sneak by you.
  6. Be sure that your pet is wearing their collar with their ID tags. No one wants to think about their pet getting out, but accidents happen, and you can be prepared by making sure your pet is easily identifiable.
  7. If you will be using any sedatives to help calm nerves for your pet, be sure that you have used them prior to Halloween evening so you are aware of how your pet will respond to them. Also be sure that you never medicate your pet without consulting your vet first.
  8. Be sure to keep the glow sticks out of reach from your pets, they can easily be mistaken for a fun chew toy!
  9. Know the signs of poisoning in case your pet gets into the candy.
    • Excessive drooling
    • Excessive urination
    • Rapid heartbeat
    • Vomiting and diarrhea
  10. Have your vets number on hand, just in case of an emergency.

Now that you know Halloween safety tips for pets, you can have a safe and fun Halloween! In case of an emergency, you can always call The Animal Hospital of Sussex County at our 24 hour line, (973) 579-1155.