The holidays are upon us, and of course everyone wants to look great for family, friends, and holiday parties. So why not include your pet? There are many benefits of dog grooming. They range from a great looking dog with a neat haircut, to reduced shedding (at least for a short while), and more.

There are even more benefits when the groomer is based at your veterinarian’s office. The staff can ensure that your pet gets the best in care. Don’t take the risks that major chain pet stores can present when it comes to grooming. You wouldn’t trust them to examine your pet, so why trust them to the grooming? Here are some benefits of dog grooming when you bring your dog to your veterinarian’s office where their approved groomer takes care of everything for you.

Benefits of Dog Grooming at the Vet’s Office

  • Detection of any skin issues. Because a groomer based within your vet’s office has access to the vet staff, if your dog shows any skin issues such as hot spots or dry skin, they can work with the vet to make recommendations. Or if it seems more serious, they can let you know if you should schedule a dedicated appointment with the vet. Whether it’s due to food allergies, skin sensitivities, or something in the environment, they can help get to the bottom of whatever may be causing Fido’s itchiness.
  • Checking for external parasites. From ear mites to fleas, not all external parasites are obvious. By taking your dog to a professional groomer, they can find the beginnings of external parasites such as fleas before it gets serious. Remember, it only takes one flea to turn into a bunch!
  • A focus on high quality products in a safe environment. This is one of the most important things to consider. If your dog gets stressed or nervous about being groomed, having your vet close by can help. In some cases such as matted fur, sedatives may be helpful. Also because they are based in a veterinarian office, another benefit of dog grooming there is that you can rest assured that high quality products will be used (never the discount stuff!). That meas less risk to your pet of any allergic reactions.
  • Early detection of potential issues. Sometimes it’s easier to overlook any lumps, growths, or changes in your dog’s skin or body when you see them every day. But a professional dog groomer in conjunction with your veterinarian can be helpful in early detection of potential issues. They can bring to your and your vet’s attention any lumps, bumps, or any discolorations of the skin, or anything else that may need veterinary attention. And with your vet records right on hand in the same building, it’s easy to tell if it’s something that’s been around for a while (such as a benign fatty lump) or something that’s recently appeared and warrants a closer look by your vet.
  • At home benefits. Of course, once your pet is groomed, the at home benefits are some of the best! From a cleaned up and nicely trimmed dog, to less fur (for a few days at least thanks to the removal of loose and shedding hair during the grooming process), to your dog looking their best for your guests, it certainly is the season – for a good grooming for your dog that is!

Dog (and Cat) Grooming for the Holidays

At the Animal Hospital of Sussex County, we have an in-house groomer that can handle all of your pet’s grooming needs. Come see for yourself some of the great benefits of dog grooming, and read more on our pet grooming page. Know what you need? You can book your appointment now. And yes, we groom cats too! Get your dog (or cat) looking great just in time for the holidays. Even if they refuse to wear the Santa hat you bought them!

benefits of dog grooming for the holidays