Pet preparedness matters. Whether you live in the wilds of Montana, the shores of the Florida Keys, the dry West Coast, or the temperate climate of New England, being prepared in case of an emergency is always important and when you have pets, having an emergency kit on hand and ready can be a literal lifesaver.

Once again we refer to our friends at Trupanion with some great tips on pet preparedness to keep you and your pet safe no matter what the weather may bring.

pet preparedness kit

Making a pet preparedness kit and plan deserves high fives all around!

Key Pet Preparedness Kit Items

Food – having enough food to get you through several days in your pet preparedness kit is important.  Depending on the situation at hand, coupled with the stress around, it can be hard to get your cat or dog to eat and even harder if you don’t have their regular food available. In many cases, you may not be able to purchase any food, so having a few days ration on hand can help immensely.

Water – this goes for humans as well as pets, but bottled water is important. We usually recommend leaving a case in an easy to grab location such as a pantry or mud room so that you can grab and go if you need. Fresh water is just as important to our pets as it is for us!

Identification – a collar and leash is important, as well as an ID tag, and microchipping is also important. This way if your pet and you get separated, they can be identified and increase the chances of you being reunited with them down the line. Read more about microchipping on our Home Again Microchipping blog.

Medical Supplies and Info – if your pet has any special medicines, make sure you have ample supply in your emergency kit. Along with regular medicines, any important records or documents such as rabies vaccination proof, and any other notable history can help in the case of an emergency.

Toys/bed – while space may be limited in an emergency situation, packing a favorite pet bed or toy in your pet preparedness kit can really help your dog or cat through times of stress. This is especially true if you are displaced form your home or in a strange place for any amount of time. 

Read more about natural disasters by region and additional pet preparedness tips, through our friends at Trupanion!