Yesterday we shared New Year’s Resolutions from the dog, and now it’s the cat’s turn. Naturally we couldn’t leave out our feline friends and let Fido have all the fun. So here’s the list compliments of the cat!

2017 was a rough year for us kitties. The weather was strange, we had lots of hair balls, and even a few presents I brought you that you shockingly threw away after shrieking in horror. I just don’t get it but I’ll try. So here goes.

New Years resolutions from the cat

1. I promise to try to keep the hair balls to a minimum, and when I do have a hair ball, I will do my best to not leave it on your freshly cleaned pillow and comforter. Or your favorite seat on the couch.

2. I will do my best to complain less when the outdoor conditions are not to my liking, as I understand that you can’t change the weather (thought I don’t understand why not). 

3. Howling at the top of my lungs and speed laps up and down the stairs will be reserved for true emergencies and not regular 3am entertainment just to see if you can still hear me.

4. I will chew my food before I swallow it so that I don’t regurgitate it at your feet in 2018.

5. I will reduce the number of presents I bring you (and will try to keep from decapitating them for you to show off my sleek hunting skills). I’ll try anyway…

And now the ones I have for you!

1. You will understand that in 2018, when I yowl at a half full bowl of food, that means I am, actually, starving because that food is not enough!

2. For your next resolution, you’ll learn to read my eyes as to when belly rubs = purr vs. when belly rubs = “I will cut you” so that there are belly rubs at only the most acceptable of times.

3. In the new year, you resolve to always make sure I have plenty of water both in water bowls and fountains – I love running water! – so that my kidneys can stay healthy for years to come!

4. In 2018, you promise to make sure that my litter boxes are always clean and fresh so that I have a fresh bathroom (it’s healthier for me too!).

5. And finally, in 2018 you resolve to get me my annual checkup because I know that I won’t tell you if something is wrong until it’s really bad, and in exchange I promise to do my best to behave at the vet’s office (but oh the car ride – I probably still will howl!).

Happy New Year’s to all of our furry friends!

New Years resolutions from the cat