As 2017 comes to a close, it’s always good to reflect on the year and perhaps make a few resolutions. So what if those resolutions were made by the dog?  Here’s a fun list of New Year’s resolutions from the dog!

This year, after much time spent rolling in mud puddles, chasing the UPS guy, and barking at nothing, I’ve made a few resolutions to be even better (and get more treats!) in the year ahead. So here goes!

New Years resolutions from the dog

1. I resolve to chase the UPS delivery person less, even when he/she doesn’t have treats. While I’ve gotten a lot better, I’m sorry that I grabbed his leg on Christmas Eve because our usual driver wasn’t there and this guy forgot my treats. In 2018, I will be nice to ALL delivery people, honest!

2. In 2018, I will roll in less puddles. However, all bets are off if I find fresh horse manure…ok ok I’ll try to not roll in that too.

3. I promise to stop sneaking in places behind you and getting locked in places I shouldn’t, such as the chicken coop, your friend’s houses, and the shed.

4. For my next New Year Resolution, I resolve to stop raiding cat boxes, even if it smells extra tasty!

5. And my final resolution for 2018 is to stop stealing cat food when you’re not looking.

And now I made a few resolutions for you! These are great, because they mean we get to spend more time together and do fun stuff. Are you excited? I am!

1. You resolve to take me for more walks and games of fetch so that I don’t get fat again (2016 was the worst for that – I barely fit in my doggie coat or ugly Christmas sweater, how embarrassing!).

2. You promise to give me more belly rubs (and I promise to drool on you less in thanks).

3. In 2018, you’ll take me on some great adventures – more hiking and camping please! But for my older brother, let’s also do some easier stuff so his joints don’t get achey.

4. Car rides are the best! But safety is important too, so you resolve to get me a safety harness or restraint for the car so I can travel with you safely, too!

5. And last but not least, you resolve to make sure I get my annual checkup at the vet, and I’ll promise to behave when we’re there. I mean, it does involve a car ride after all, doesn’t it? And that’s the fun part!

Happy New Year, from the dog!

new years resolutions from the dog