When it comes to pet insurance, people often have many questions. Is it worth it? Can it really help me provide better care for my pet? How can it help? Our friends at Trupanion have done a great job putting together this infographic we wanted to share that shows a parallel story for one pet throughout their lifetime – with and without insurance.

You can see how Trupanion Pet Insurance can help right from the start with everything from routine care to unexpected accidents and issues that can be rather costly. By having your pet protected from their early days, Trupanion can help ensure that your pet has the quality of care you would like to provide without the added financial stress and burden of the uncertainty that comes with owning animals.

And Trupanion can insure older pets too – so if you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late. Check out their website for more information and be sure to read through the infographic below!

trupanion pet insurance information