Summer is here and it’s great to get outside, enjoy some sunshine, and time in the great outdoors, and the same goes for our pets. It seems like after such a long winter and rainy year, there’s no such thing as too much sunshine – though that’s not entirely true. Here are some tips on keeping your pets safe this summer!

summer tips with pets

Check out our summer tips with pets!

  1. If cats aren’t used to being outside, don’t assume that they will enjoy it as much as you do. Many cats are scared in a new environment and are more likely to get startled or run away. If you want to take your cat outside, consider leash training ¬†your cat or building a catio – the new trend in fine feline living!
  2. Make sure your dog is well behaved on a leash before going out in public! Nothing is worse than a dog that pulls and barks and growls and is anything BUT focused when you take them out for walks, especially when that’s outside in summer in busier places such as beaches, hiking trails, parks, and more. Put in some training time at home first, and enjoy a nice relaxed happy pooch this summer!
  3. Check the pavement – air temperatures are often much cooler than pavement, especially traditional blacktop and that can lead to serious paw injuries in cats and dogs. Check the temperature first – if it’s hot to the touch you may need paw protection for your pet or to reconsider all together. Here’s a guide that can help!
  4. Have access to water at all times! Water is the most important thing for both you and your pet in the summer. Fresh clean water is a must both inside and outside, and that doesn’t mean puddles or stagnant water you may find on the trail. Bring a water bottle (or a few!) and make sure your pet is current on their leptospirosis vaccination in case they do get into any questionable water. You can always contact us and we’ll get your pet up to date.
  5. It should go without saying, but never leave your pet unattended in a vehicle in the summer heat. Even when temperatures outside are in the mid 70s, in direct sun, temperatures inside a car can reach the triple digits alarmingly fast – even when your windows are cracked! It’s much safer to either leave your pets at home or if you must bring them, bring them inside or have someone wait in the car and keep it running with the AC on to be safe.
  6. Apply sunscreen – it’s a must for light skinned pets! We often thing that fur is enough protection but on thinner coated dogs and especially lighter skinned dogs, sunscreen is a must as they can still get sunburn. And when they do, it hurts them too! Much better to apply sunscreen and protect their skin from damage. When selecting a sunscreen, we recommend a baby-safe product to also be gentle on your pet’s skin.
  7. Always provide shade when outdoors – sometimes we get caught up in the yard work, gardening, or other outdoor projects, or even relaxing by the pool or on the patio. Just make sure that if your pets are outside with you, to also make sure they have access to water and shade to get out of the summer heat!

We hope you found the summer tips with pets helpful and remember, if you have any questions or concerns, or need to schedule a regular checkup or appointment, we’re here to help!