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Rabies: Fast Facts to Keep You and your ...

Rabies: Fast Facts to Keep You and your Pets Safe

Rabies is something that many people associate with bats, and assume that as long as their pet has been vaccinated at some point in the past, that they’re okay. A lot of people think opossums are the main carriers of the disease, and even more people think that seeing a raccoon during the daytime means […]

Treating Feline Ceruminous Cystomatosis ...

cryosurgery in pets

Ceruminous cystomatosis occurs in cats and can be difficult to treat, however there has been some great success with veterinary cryosurgery. Ceruminous cystomatosis is is a rare neoplastic skin disease of the feline ear of unknown etiology. It may develop as a sequela to otitis externa, a senile degenerative change or, in some cases, a congenital condition. The most […]

Tips to Beat the Heat with Your Pets

Tips to Beat the Heat with Your Pets

Summer is officially here, and while for many of us that means hot days in the sun, hanging out poolside, or any other number of fun activities, it’s important that we remember to keep our furry friends safe when the temperature rises. Water and Pool Pet Safety For many cats, and even some dogs, water […]

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