Did you know that we have our own Canine & Feline Blood Bank at Animal Hospital of Sussex County?

Because it’s always hard to plan for an emergency, we’re here to help. We keep a canine and feline blood bank with hero donors that support us to help your pet in that time of need. These are our Canine Heroes featured below, who are very special local dogs that keep our Blood Bank stocked in case of emergencies and life-threatening situations. Rocky, left, is our very special Universal Donor.

Canine Heroes - Blood Donors

Below is Romeo, our Feline Hero blood donor, a supporter of the Animal Hospital of Sussex County. He works hard to ensure cats (and dogs) across Augusta, Newton, Sussex, Wantage, and all of the surrounding areas have the best options in the event of a necessary and potentially life-saving blood transfusion. 

 Romeo, Feline Blood Donor

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