Our hospital includes a state of the art facility, and handles a variety of small animal services services for pets and companion animals. We are an AAHA certified hospital and an AAFP certified cat friendly hospital. Our services for small animals such as cats, dogs, and exotics is listed below. Click on each item for more information on the individual service.

Small Animal Services

dog cat pet vaccinations

Small Animal Surgery

Additional Small Animal Services

As a compliment to our veterinary services, we also offer additional pet services at our office location in Augusta, NJ for our small animal patients. These services included:

Equine Services

In addition to our in-house services, we also offer home and farm calls for both small and large animals. We have a full service equine practice, and can also tend to other large animals as needed.

  • Equine Practice Information
    • Routine vaccinations and wellness exams
    • Pre-purchase exams
    • Lameness exam and diagnostics, including x-ray and ultrasound
    • Illness and injury exam and treatment, including emergency care
    • Dental care
    • Humane euthanasia

House Calls

For pets or clients that are unable to travel to our office location, we can also come to you at your home or farm.

  • Scheduled appointments for special needs animals unable to travel to the office
  • Illness and injury exam and treatment
  • Humane euthanasia


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