Many dogs, especially very active and large breed dogs, suffer from cruciate ligament tears, which is one of the most common cause of lameness in dogs. The cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) is one of the main stabilizing structures of the knee (stifle) joint in the hindlimbs of dogs. While in the past, this was a debilitating condition that caused much discomfort, the great news is that modern veterinary medicine has the ability to correct this condition via surgery – something our vets at the Animal Hospital of Sussex County are very skilled at performing. Left untreated, cruciate ligament tears can lead to complications aside from the initial pain of injury, but also cause development of arthritis due to the instability of the joint, chronic as well as acute pain, and even in as many as 50% of cases, lead to damage of the same ligament in the other hind leg.

Arthrex Tightrope Cruciate Ligament Surgery

Our vets use the the Arthrex Tightrope CCL implant, which is a very strong artificial ligament which is anchored securely using bone tunnels. Compared with other cruciate ligament surgical procedures, it is less invasive and has been shown to give good results, even in large dogs.

This surgery is often referred to as CCL surgery in dogs, and is very similar to what doctors perform on humans for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears. Cruciate ligament surgery in dogs is a safe procedure with a very high success rate that can help return your dog to a more regular level of activity with significantly reduced pain.

Tightrope CCL for dogs by Dr. Spinks

Dr. Spinks preparing a dog for the Tightrope CCL surgery procedure.

Tightrope CCL xray

The Tightrope CCL procedure is minimally invasive with an incredibly high success rate as shown in this post-op radiograph.


You can read more about CCL repair through the Tightrope CCL surgery that Dr. Spinks and the team at Animal Hospital of Sussex County in New Jersey does on our article about Tightrope CCL Surgery.

Below you can watch a video of the Arthrex Tightrope cruciate ligament surgery in dogs, or read more about the Arthrex tightrope cruciate ligament surgery system to learn more about how this procedure can help your canine friend.