1-IMG_0299In addition to being the only veterinary office in the area to offer cryosurgery for pets, the Animal Hospital of Sussex County and Dr. Spinks are proud to be able to offer cryosurgery veterinary training for other clinics including veterinarians and their staff. Because of the low risk and high level of safety of cryosurgery as compared to traditional veterinary surgical methods, it is rapidly increasing in popularity. It is both safe and affordable, making it an excellent service to add to your veterinary practice, and we are happy to help!

We offer hands on training for veterinarians and their staff right in our AAHA accredited hospital. With our knowledge and experience, we are happy to help train you and your team how cryosurgery can benefit your practice and your patients for the benefits of all! In addition, we can (depending on schedules) travel to your location to train your team on-site.

We had the honor of kicking off our cryosurgery veterinary training with Schulhof Animal Hospital based out of Westport, CT, who itrousow is proud to offer cryosurgery as one of the services in their animal hospital.

Brymill Cryogenic Systems

2-20140611_095621In our veterinary practice, we use Brymill Cryogenic Systems for all of our pet cryosurgery needs. Brymill has been the world’s leading manufacturer of handheld, liquid nitrogen (LN2) cryosurgical and cryospray devices since 1966.

With patented design features, Brymill’s Cry-Ac® and Cry-Ac®-3 handheld cryo units offer unsurpassed safety, versatility, and control for precise and effective medical and veterinary cryosurgery as well as industrial applications of liquid nitrogen (such as in the testing and repair of printed circuit boards).

Liquid nitrogen cryosurgery with a cryogun is the coldest (-196º C), most effective, and most versatile cryosurgical technique available. Brymill is know for their human medical as well as veterinary products.

The Animal Hospital of Sussex County is the only veterinary office in our area that has the Brymill System as opposed to the more commonly usedhand-held portable device which is only -1 76°F. The Brymill System is a full 20 degrees colder and is the system also used by human dermatologists.  In addition to performing cryosurgery on pets in our office, we can also do large sarcoidosis on equines. The key is the fast freeze/slow thaw that allows the tissue to die off with minimal pain to the animal.

About Cryosurgery

Cryosurgery is a surgical technique which utilizes liquid nitrogen to freeze unwanted tissue and consequently destroys it. Used in people as well as in dogs and cats, the treatment causes the tissue which is frozen to fall off or dissolve. Because of the use of extreme cold, there is little pain or side effects with cryosurgery, making it a safe and affordable alternative for a wide range of conditions.

Especially in geriatric pets, cryosurgery is an excellent option for tumors, cysts, skin tags, and other skin disorders, including some forms of cancer. Due to the liquid nitrogen and the means in which the tissue is frozen, there is rarely a need for sutures. In many cases, animals do not need to be anesthetized, which is a very large benefit for elderly or sensitive pets. For pets prone to skin tags and cysts, removal when the tumor or cyst is small via cryosurgery can prevent major complications including rupture or infection, or even a chance of the tumor becoming malignant, if left untreated.