Dental care for your pet is important, and that’s why we offer great rates and offers when it comes to your pet’s dental care. With more than 85% of adult pets having dental disease, regular professional dental care could add up to 5 years to your pet’s life. We’re here to help.

Did you know? We offer a FREE dental exam with every visit!

Signs of dental disease include bad breath, yellow teeth, red and swollen gums, tooth and bone loss. Bacteria in your pet’s mouth can enter the bloodstream and spread to vital organs, infecting the heart, kidneys, liver and lungs.

Our doctors perform an oral exam during every physical and recommend professional cleanings when needed. For dental cleanings, we use safe anesthesia, fluids, monitoring, an ultrasonic scaler and polisher, fluoride treatment, antibiotics to treat infection and pain medication as needed.

Our staff can also teach you about dental care at home to promote ongoing oral health.

Our Dental Table

Our Dental Table


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