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Is Chocolate Bad For Dogs? What About Ca...

Is Chocolate Bad For Dogs? What About Cats? We’ve Got the Answers!

Chocolate and Pets Many pet owners wonder if chocolate is bad for dogs, and if so, just how bad. It’s a common question, and one that is important to understand especially as we head into the holidays where chocolate treats abound. From Halloween’s plethora of candy, to rich Thanksgiving desserts, and all of the goodies […]

Seasonal Allergies in Dogs

Seasonal Allergies in Dogs

There are two kinds of allergies in dogs, seasonal allergies and food allergies. If your dog gets itchy with certain seasons, then chances are it’s due to something environmental, while food allergies tend to occur year-round. Some common signs of seasonal allergies in dogs are hot spots, redness, dry flaky skin, constant scratching, or even […]

A Quick Guide to Pet Insurance

A Quick Guide to Pet Insurance

Understanding the various options when it comes to credit and insurance for your pet’s veterinary care can be confusing (read our blog about pet insurance to learn more), but once you decide that pet insurance is the right decision for you, that’s just the start. Next you need to review the coverage and packages available, and […]

Fall Safety Tips for Dogs and Cats

It seems like it was just yesterday that it was summer (oh wait, last week it was!), and we were out enjoying the beach, pool parties and BBQ’s, and helping you keep your pets safe from getting into the leftovers or sharing tips to keep them comfortable during summer fireworks. Now the days are getting shorter, the […]

The Importance of Year Round Heartworm P...

The Importance of Year Round Heartworm Prevention

Heartworms are a parasite that dogs are susceptible to. They are relatively inexpensive to prevent, but very costly to treat, and left untreated, can be fatal. While most people know that heartworm preventative is a must if you own a dog, not everyone realizes that it’s incredibly important to keep your dog on preventative treatment […]

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