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10 Quotes Straight from the HorseR...

10 Quotes Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Or, perhaps straight from the mouths of humans about horses. Either way, you get the idea. Not to be outdone by our 10 Great Cat Quotes and 10 Favorite Dog Quotes blogs from last week, some of my horses have protested, demanding fair and equal treatment compared to their shorter friends. So I’ve found some great horse quotes, […]

10 Favorite Dog Quotes

10 Favorite Dog Quotes

Earlier this week we posted 10 Great Cat Quotes in honor of our feline friends. To be sure that our canine companions didn’t feel left out, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite dog quotes to share as well. From Fido, to Spot, and every purebred and mutt in between, we’ve all heard that dog […]

10 Great Cat Quotes

10 Great Cat Quotes

In honor of our feline friends (several of whom are curled up on my couch keeping me warm as I am home sick with a cold) and the way they enhance our lives, we’ve compiled some of our favorite cat quotes from people around the world. From finding their way into trouble, to cuddling their way […]

National Cat Day

National Cat Day

Wednesday, October 29th is National Cat Day. We here at the Animal Hospital of Sussex County celebrate cats every day, with our Cat Friendly practices. Getting to the vet can be a stressful occasion for cats. They get put in little boxes that only come out for travel. Cars sometimes make them nauseous, and sometimes […]

Rabies: Fast Facts to Keep You and yo...

Rabies: Fast Facts to Keep You and your Pets Safe

Rabies is something that many people associate with bats, and assume that as long as their pet has been vaccinated at some point in the past, that they’re okay. A lot of people think opossums are the main carriers of the disease, and even more people think that seeing a raccoon during the daytime means […]

There’s No “I” in T...

There’s No “I” in Team: Why Seeing Multiple Vets Matters

That age old saying is something we hear throughout our lives in a multitude of situations. From being in grade school gym class, little league, and group projects, it’s a part of our childhood years to help us understand the benefit of working together. As we grow older and enter college, the working world, and […]

The Importance of Fall Vaccinations i...

The Importance of Fall Vaccinations in Equines

While fall means cooler days, less bugs, and lovely riding weather, vaccinations are just as important heading into winter as they are in the spring. Most horse owners swear by spring shots, and nearly every boarding facility requires this at a minimum. However, when it comes to fall shots, requirements vary by area, risk type, […]

Treating Feline Ceruminous Cystomatos...

Treating Feline Ceruminous Cystomatosis with Cryosurgery

Ceruminous cystomatosis is is a rare neoplastic skin disease of the feline ear of unknown etiology. It may develop as a sequela to otitis externa, a senile degenerative change or, in some cases, a congenital condition. The most common neoplasm of the ear canal is ceruminal gland in origin. Whatever the cause, my cat had these bluish purplish cysts […]

Tips to Beat the Heat with Your Pets

Tips to Beat the Heat with Your Pets

Summer is officially here, and while for many of us that means hot days in the sun, hanging out poolside, or any other number of fun activities, it’s important that we remember to keep our furry friends safe when the temperature rises. Water and Pool Pet Safety For many cats, and even some dogs, water […]

Did You Know? Pet Dental Facts

Did You Know? Pet Dental Facts

Ever wonder how many teeth your dog or cat had, or what those spikey things on a cat’s tongue are called? Here’s some great dental trivia about our dog and cat friends. Dental disease is the most common disease seen by veterinarians: 70–85% of pets over the age of 2 have some form of dental […]

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From a relaxing office atmosphere, a calming waiting room, and a staff that is there to make sure that you and your pet are comfortable from the moment you step in the door, we're committed to making a difference. Thank you for being a part of our family!

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